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What's this about ?

The world is changing and family physicians are taking the initiative to bring their practices into the 21st century! Physicians here are interested in improving access to care and enabling electronic communications, such as video consultations and secure messaging for their patients.

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Let Your Physician Provide A New Way For You To Access Care

As a first step your physician needs to have your consent to use any electronic communications with them. This website will allow you to provide this consent to your family physician, and provide them your preferred email address.

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Review the consent form and submit the associated fee of $3.00

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What if my physician’s name is not on the list?
Why do I need to pay for this?
Can’t I just tell my physician my email?
I already gave my physician my email address, why do I need to do this?
Although your physician may have your email address already, regulations have been getting updated over time. This process now is more about getting your clear consent for electronic communications. If your physician’s name is on the list on this site, they have indicated they feel this process is important to ensure you are aware of risks associated with electronic communication, but see the value, and consent to proceeding with these means of communication.

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